Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm LeSueur Peas. What Are You?

So here's one thing I've learned about writing a post after a 2 year break:

It's not easy.

There are topics and thoughts and even some sentences with punctuation thrown in here and there, but the problem, it seems, is making it all come together in some kind of logical ( look, one can hope) or even legible manner.

Do I tell you about something I cooked lately? No, probably not. Central Texas is about as hot as the surface of the sun right now and turning on the oven is simply a practice in self-torture. God Bless good air conditioners everywhere. The recipes and cooking tutorials and step-by-step photos will just have to wait a while.
I'm looking at you, October.

How about our recent trip to Santa Fe/Albuquerque for my oldest son's wedding? Am I ready to re-live transporting an entire rehearsal dinner for 50 across state lines in a cooler large enough to hold 3 human bodies?
And I'm not sure I have my timeline down yet: Did we lose the keys to  the truck in Santa Fe or in Albuquerque? Did we stay in an awesome hotel that was once a hospital, or maybe I was in a really fancy hotel-like hospital from the stress of the key incident. Were there chickens and goats and gallons of water flooding the area where the reception was held?  Was that my youngest son doing the most awesome Bernie Lean imaginable? Wait. Was that a horse under the tent the next morning? No, sorry. This story's not quite ready yet.

Do I talk about my new job, or would that put the voodoo on it? Should I wait until after I actually start or never mention it at all? Will my new co-workers be disturbed that I write in such a disjointed/dysfunctional way since communication is a huge part of my job?

Maybe I should write about my thoughts on those ridiculous (sorry) quizzes on Facebook. You know the ones:
What kind of Canned Vegetable Are You?
Really? What about that quiz makes the average person want to take it? I need to know this. Do people honestly wonder if they are plain green beans or  worse yet, (slimy) asparagus? If someone proudly (excuse me?) posts that they are creamed corn are their friends eager to one-up them by being LeSueur Peas? I simply do not understand. To be fair, I suppose I should research the psychology of it all first. Maybe it's just me.

There's always the new Bible Study that I'm starting with my awesome neighbors. Hey girls! Can't wait.

And Roxy Roca !! I could write about our third (or was it fourth?) concert.

Or how good I've gotten at mowing with the zero-turn...

See. I have plenty of riveting material. It's just the pesky organization of thought that I'm struggling with.

(I apologize if your expectations have just died a thousand fiery deaths.)

I promise I'll work on it.

And if absolutely nothing else, I'm terribly happy you're here.

See you  soon.

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