Wednesday, August 5, 2015

But I Do Not Want To Turn To The Left

Some (four to be exact) things:

1) The heat. So very hot.

2) Parking Garages. I think we can all agree, can't we, that they can be exasperating. One unfortunate afternoon years ago I drove in some kind of circular/elliptical/spiral-y pattern for a good 20 minutes trying to locate the exit to one. Please do not ask my sons about this.
And today I experienced another new Parking Garage Low when I could see the row of spaces I was trying to park in, but I could. not. get. to. it. So many arrows. So many signs. So much turning to the left. So much unnecessary confusion.
And why is it when you have to swipe your permit (and OK, you also might be going the wrong way)(because of the confusing signage, of course) that there is always, always another car right on your bumper? I find this grossly unfair,and it also gets on my very last nerve.
I know you all share my disgruntlement.
Tell me you share it.

So just a shout out to all the Parking Garage Engineers out there: Let's get it together, OK?

3) The Extra Toasty Cheez-its? A real joy and a blessing, that's what they are. Please hop in your hot car right now and go get some.

4) Collateral Damage. I have this incredible new office and right now it looks infinitely boring and sterile, so today I came home and decided I would choose one of the beautiful plants off my patio to take there to make it look more homey and pretty and you know, plant-y. And what do I discover but that a rabbit has eaten every single solitary one of the lower leaves off of most of my plants, and that the others, which are obviously not to the rabbit's liking, are infested with fire ants.  I put a fair amount of thought into all the bad and horrible things that I could (and rightly should) do to that rabbit and those ants because they had clearly ruined my life and my day (not to mention my greenery) and WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE ANYWAY? Until I realized that perhaps I was a little over-invested emotionally in the thought of the plant and the office and the perfection it would all be. You do that too, don't you?

Maybe it was the heat.

So, fine. Boring and sterile office? Check.

I hope all of you are having a glorious week. Do me a favor and make someone smile tomorrow, will you?

Much love,

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