Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Alpha, Busy, Charlie, Delinquent.

A while back I think I mentioned something about my new job, and now it's officially time to trot out said job as an excuse for my absence in blogging. You see, I have a perfectly good reason for my delinquency.

At least I like to believe I do.

About a month ago I started a wonderful new position in the Office of the Commandant at Texas A&M. I have a kind of long and complicated job title (Scholastic Performance Specialist III), but basically I'm an Academic Advisor to the Corps of Cadets and teach a freshman level course to cadets in the School of Military Science.

About face and all of that.

Don't be concerned. I'm not teaching military tactics or maneuvers or anything.
(Insert collective sigh of relief)
The class is all about study skills and time management, learning styles and personality type. Basically a course that helps the cadets deal with the rigors of the Corps experience while maintaining a full class load in a very challenging academic environment.


I really love it.

Love the people I work with, the students, the teaching, the advising, all of it. The busy factor,though, has been ratcheted a little high for the past several weeks as I try to navigate my way through this fun, challenging, and somewhat unfamiliar territory.




Sometimes I feel like I want to do this...

These are some of the "fish" Corps members after a computer session we did a week or so ago. In their defense I told them they could do whatever they wanted after they were finished with the work, so you can see a lot of them chose the popular 'falling asleep in their chairs' option.

Their new 5:45am  'Reveille' call has clearly been tough on some of them.


In contrast...

We've had some crazy days that included a water fight between almost 900 freshman...

Photo by Tim Lai- The Battalion

Photo by Sam Craft- The Eagle

Watch for yourself!!   Class of 2019 Water Fight

And a lot of marching and physical training.

(Don't look for me in the marching and physical training pictures)


I am, however, somewhat of an expert at watching.

Then to add to the busy-ness, we've also:

-Taken numerous trips to the farm.

-Gathered up way too many errant cows who have wandered through way too many fences that have been damaged by WAY too many toppled dead trees.

-Repaired many of the aforementioned fences.

-Attended a joint Birthday Party.

-Had dinner with dear HS friends in town to drop off their freshman Aggie daughter. Hey Ann, Chad and Caroline!

-Kept a keen eye on the construction progress at Kyle Field. (!!) You'll be amazed, by the way!

-Set some kind of record for mowing at the farm and here.

-Held a Bible Study.

-And counted our blessings every single day.

I hope it's been busy-good in all of your lives too.

You're all one of those blessing I count.

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