Monday, October 12, 2015

Too Late, Too Soon

Wow. Call me a slacker and then call yourself correct.

The last month has been a tough one. I've had the plague of sorts. The consumption. Some malady that has just about killed me. A lingering, hacking, bronchial-busting cough has prompted more than one person to suggest I give up chain-smoking. (I might note here that I have never once in my entire life smoked.) But things are looking (if not sounding) a little better and I think I just might live.

Many of my students have also been ill with what is traditionally referred to as the Corps Crud, and their poor, tired, stricken faces make me want to give them chicken soup and insist that they take a nap.
But alas, that's a no-go.

I think the weather is a factor too- it's cool for a few hours (at least cooler than blue blazes) then back to hot so many times in a week that it makes my head spin.

Then there's been Aggie Football.

Whoop and Amen.

And the farm and cows and hay.

An ill-timed conference in Dallas in the midst of the Red River Rivalry (who plans these things?) topped off this past weekend.

And although the traffic was awful and the hotel was packed we did have a great time and managed to do some fun things and eat at a few great restaurants while we were there.

A particular favorite was Toulouse which is located on Knox Street just on the edge of the Highland Park area.

We scored a great table on the patio, and with lots of string lights for ambiance, really great seafood and pasta dishes, and an attentive waiter (Jeff), it was quite a memorable evening.

We so recommend!

We also absolutely loved Mama's Daughters Diner which is in the Design District not far at all from  Market Center.

As a matter of fact, we loved it 2 times in 2 days! It's home cooking at it's best. Order the "Meat and Three." Everything we had was scrumptious.
Don't get me started on the cornbread. Crunchy crust. Light, rich, and "just right sweet" on the inside. Or the peach cobbler (which was practically forced on us by our waitress!) To die for.

One of our happy trips to Mama's Daughters even began with a police escort...

We happened to turn down the wrong street (I am notoriously bad at reading a map/GPS/directions of any kind...) when looking for the restaurant and luckily happened upon two of Dallas' finest who not only offered directions but also a personal escort directly to the restaurant! We offered to buy their lunch, but unfortunately they had just eaten.

A delightful weekend all around.

We're gearing up to host an in-home Tailgate Brunch this Saturday before the Texas A&M -Alabama game, so I'll likely have pictures of food, friends and fun to share.

Hope all of you have,unlike me, successfully avoided the plague!

See you soon.

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