Monday, February 15, 2016

Trapped. Like a Rat.

Another weekend has come and gone and the excitement that you've rightfully come to expect here at Mudpuddle continues.

Our typical weekends begin with a trip to the farm on Friday evening, but because I had a work commitment on Saturday morning, we didn't make the farm trip until Saturday afternoon.

Aggieland Saturday, an annual event, allows prospective students and their families to visit the A&M campus. The university offers all manner of tours and events, demonstrations and activities, and the Corps is the backbone of the entire campus-wide program each year.

Representing Academics, I had the chance to meet lots of prospective students and their families. Most of the visiting students are current seniors or juniors in HS, and it was fun finding out from some of them that they had received their official acceptance to A&M via email just that very morning!

Whoop and Gig-em!

After Aggieland Saturday, JT and I headed to the farm.

We arrived to find everything looking pretty normal except for the fact that we didn't spot Donkey hanging out with the cows. 

Then we saw this:

Yes. Donkey had somehow pulled off a tricky self-capture and deftly caught himself in the hog trap.


Other than a pretty worn trail around the inside of the pen where he had obviously been pacing, and a very large quantity of well, "evidence" on the ground, we have no idea how long he had been in there.

We never actually set the trap unless we are there, and when we're not, we securely wire the door of the trap open to avoid just such a non-hog capture (typically it would be some of the small calves tempted by their insatiable curiosity).

But somehow Donkey managed to get in the pen (doing the forward limbo evidently) and then amazingly close the hinged saloon-type doors behind him. The odd thing is they were wired open with a length of twisted baling wire.

Wire that takes a human (JT in this case) about a minute or so to untwist.

Donkey is smart. But not that smart.

Clearly he had help.

An accomplice if you will.

There are so many possibilities.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Darcy said...

This looks really fun! Aggieland Saturday seems like it would be a really cool way to see the campus!~