Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lashing Out

So this will be a little change of pace.

It's rare that I would publicly recommend any kind of product, especially a beauty product, as you would be terribly hard-pressed to find someone more blatantly SKEPTICAL than me.

I'm not necessarily proud of it, but I have a ridiculously hard time accepting all the broo-ha-ha (this is so a word) that goes along with companies trying to make money on their products. And of course, we do know that's the bottom line, don't we?

In addition, there's no one who enjoys ensconcing themselves in a beauty/skincare/hair care rut and just hunkering down there for the long run like myself. This is evidenced by my long-time and exclusive use of only Vaseline for eye-makeup removal and lip gloss, and Dove soap as my ever-so-fancy facial cleanser. With the exception of a few forays into more expensive brands (it's all about the fragrance), I've used Suave shampoo for years now, and never use a conditioner or any other products at all.

Clearly I am not one to run out and try all the latest products, as I'm not exactly perched on the cutting edge.

This disclaimer then brings me to a little story about my eyelashes.

(Understandably, all of you are on the edge of your seats now.)

I've always had pretty good eyelashes, fairly long and sufficiently thick. As a teenage girl, when vanity rules most everything, my eyelashes and hair were both something I could typically hang my hat on. Other girls had other things (!), I had decent hair and lashes.

(Well, lets not forget that my feet have always been nicely arched) (Except that's not really something you can play up to get a date) (At least not a date with someone who doesn't also have a weird  "foot thing")


Anyway, that's all to say that I've never had to worry too much about the state of my eyelashes. Until about a year and a half ago.
Over a period of about 4 months I suffered a strange, scary, and frankly, hideous infection of the eyelid. There was pain, significant swelling, and (I'm so sorry) oozing. I made numerous trips to the opthamologist and was treated with antibiotics/pain medication, etc.
(And for all you armchair physicians out there, the Dr. assured me that it was not the use of my beloved Vaseline that caused any of the problem).
At the worst point the Dr. suggested that the next step would be to lance and drain (again, sorry) the affected area and in almost hysterics I actually begged him to please, Sir, do it that day because THE PAIN. He was concerned, though, that the swelling was so severe that if he did the surgery at that point the skin would never recover it's original shape.


My actual eyesight was beginning to suffer as well.

With continued treatment it thankfully and finally cleared, but not without some collateral damage. My eyelashes (especially on the right eye) were almost gone. They eventually recovered a little, but I was convinced they'd always be sparse and short.

While I'd heard claims of various eyelash treatment products for several years, I'd paid them little heed.
But on a whim one day as I was perusing the aisles of Ulta, I stumbled upon Rapid Lash. I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try- I mean I really had nothing to lose in the eyelash sense.
It's simply a clear liquid you apply (like a liquid eyeliner) at night before you go to bed.

I've been using it for almost three months now, and I can definitely see honest-to-goodness, significant improvement in both the length and thickness.

It's what I might even call nearly amazing. I would seriously not make this stuff up.

Yes, perhaps it's a coincidence, maybe my eyelashes just finally began to recover from the infection. All I know is that I've been using it for a certain number of weeks, and have seen a HUGE improvement over that very specific period of time.

Oh! And 2 things:

1) I know that in the scheme of things this is so far down on the list of "Life Problems" that it doesn't even deserve a number.


2) I am in no way being compensated by the Rapid Lash people. They have no clue at all who I am.

It all just seemed so unlikely that I felt obligated to share.

Hope you're having a great day!

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