Thursday, December 17, 2015

Can't Help But Love Luci

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Luci Swindoll? Actually I think I have, but I feel the need to gush about her again.

My first taste of her infectious enthusiasm for life came back in 2010 when I read her wonderful book Doing Life Differently: The Art of Living with Imagination.  
The book is so frankly and personally written that I couldn't help but fall hard for this crazy lady chock-full of wisdom and creativity, all wrapped up in an over-sized shawl of humility.

The story of her life is fascinating. She's chosen non-traditional paths in both her personal life and career and God has blessed her, and millions through her, in those choices.

Now in her eighties, Luci's "retirement" job has been one of encouraging speaker/motivator/helper to millions of women through the Women of Faith Tours.

She's written numerous books and I've read them all.

I have to agree with Jen Hatmaker who recently said," Luci Swindoll is my spirit animal."

I particularly enjoy reading little snippets of her interviews or quotes from her - here are some of my favorites:

Don't take yourself too seriously. It just makes life all the harder. It'll all come out in the wash anyway, because God's glory eventually will eclipse everything that goes wrong on this earth. Lighten up and learn to laugh at yourself. None of us is infallible. We make mistakes in life, and more often than not, they're funny. Sometimes, being your own source of comedy is the most fun of all.

The next time you stand in front of a mirror and want to scream, try to remember that God made that face. That smile. Those big eyes...and chubby cheeks. You are His creation, called to reflect Him. Spiritual transformation doesn’t come from a diet program, a bottle, a makeover, or mask. It comes from an intimate relationship with the Savior. He...appreciates us for who we really are. So we can too.

The most interesting people I know drink in life and savor every drop-the sweet and the sour. The good and the bad. The planned and the unplanned... Right in the midst of what seems to me to be a detour from the map, I'm often gifted with something precious and unforgettable. Capturing the moment is a choice, a way of life. It requires us to wake up, live life, and be present-here, there and everywhere. Sometimes that's scary; sometimes it's exhilarating. Always, it's an adventure I keep learning to welcome with a full and grateful heart.

And finally, this answer she gave to an interviewer's question,

"What do you know for sure?" 

Oh, many things—I am happy in my own skin. Jesus loves me, and I have a future with Him. Life is the greatest gift ever given. The world is full of fun and surprises. We’re the product of our choices. It takes a village to do anything well. We have only time, energy, and money to spend, so handle all three wisely. The richest life isn’t about wealth or prestige—it’s about love and caring. We only have what we give away. I’m rich. If I didn’t have a penny in the bank, I’d be a millionaire until the day I die. Everything has been paid for me; I’m the recipient of the One who became poor so I’d be rich. With Christ everything starts with life abundant: revel in it and doors will open. Will it be easy? No, but you will have Someone with you all the time—giving you life and breath and hope and joy. You can’t know ecstasy without knowing crucifixion. You can’t know health unless you have been sick. You can’t know victory unless you’ve known loss. You have no basis of comparison unless you’ve experienced opposites. I have worked hard to get the wrinkles on this face and to get to this stage. I’m very happy in the confines of a screwed-up world and a lot of challenges. Every day I draw in breath I say to myself, this is a gift. If God takes me today, I’m going right into His presence, and it gets even better.
But until then I want to be totally me, so that when I'm with the Lord face to face, it is my own life that I lay down and not the prefabrication of one who always tried to be somebody else.

So how would you answer? What do YOU know for sure?

Have a great day!

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