Monday, January 4, 2016

Santa Fe Favs

Hope this finds all of you well and right in the thick of new beginnings in 2016.

We had quite an interesting Christmas break, and despite those few hours driving right smack in the middle of the Goliath Blizzard (when I actually doubted our bodies would ever be found), it was a great time!

We had a wonderful visit with family in Santa Fe and Albuquerque and are already planning our next trip.

And if it so happens that any of you are planning a trip to Santa Fe in the near future I highly recommend that you try our favorite hotel, Old Santa Fe Inn.

We've stayed there now multiple times and are always treated so well. It's just a short walk from the Plaza, all kinds of great restaurants, and some of our favorite shops. They have a complimentary breakfast that is TO DIE FOR which by itself is worth the trip! You just won't find a better breakfast anywhere.

In the winter I'd suggest one of their King rooms with a Kiva fireplace, and in the summer there are some great rooms on the 2nd floor boasting fabulous mountain views that you can enjoy from a private patio or balcony.

Speaking of our favorite shops:

We always have to visit Sequoia Pawan Madan at his eponymous furniture store- Sequoia is filled with all kinds of gorgeous and unique pieces, and even if you're not in the market for any home furnishings it's fun just to look.

I found this old picture of our buffet piece on their website! We found it over a year ago and just love the unique finish and rustic look.

 Make sure to say hello to delightful salesperson "L" (yes, her name is a letter!)

This time I became enamored of a new place, Savory Spice Shop, which has a huge selection of fresh spices, specializing of course, in New Mexican flavors. The shopkeepers are knowledgeable and friendly and made great recommendations. I came home with a nice selection (and by that I mean: more than I needed) and am very anxious to try them out.

We like to always grab at least one meal at Blue Corn Café, and this time the scenery outside changed from this...

to this...

just during the course of our lunch!

We ate there one time in April when it snowed too! Remember girls?!

(By the way, that's Sequoia just across the street.)

Such a pretty winter view!

On the opposite corner in the picture above is a great bookstore called Collected Works.  This place has a wonderful, cozy atmosphere and coffee shop which can practically draw you in for hours.  Add watching it snow through the window and you're stuck. Be prepared to find all kinds of irresistible and unusual reads here, I always seem to get lost in their expansive collection of New Mexico inspired cookbooks.

And last but not least for today's tour: Cheesemongers !  Oh my goodness, this place!

I promise you it will make you re-think what you know about cheese. If you know anything. Or even care. (Can one really have true feelings about cheese?) It is honestly like having a cheese epiphany. This has even got me on the fence now about Velveeta! Incredible selection, even more incredible tastes. It's fairly new to town and an absolute must-visit.

So those are just a few of my favorites (maybe we'll do restaurants next!)

What are your favorite Santa Fe destinations? I'd love to know!

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